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Bernard Lord -- The Emperor Has No Clothes

In the Senate today, Senator Pierrette Ringuette called on Premier Bernard Lord to sign an agreement in principle between the government of Canada and the government of New Brunswick.  In her speech in the Senate chamber, Senator Ringuette said:


“It is now clear that the only obstacle to reaching an agreement is a lack of desire on the part of the Lord government to ensure the viability of a true universally accessible early childhood care program.”


Senator Ringuette firmly believes that the children of New Brunswick should enjoy the same advantages as those in other provinces when it comes to federal funding.


New Brunswick already has in place the programs required by the federal agreement, so Premier Lord recognizes that such programs are valuable, which means he has no excuse.  His real excuse is nothing but his own obstinacy, which is leading to political posturing reminiscent of the emperor who has no clothes from the children’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”