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Motion to accompany all government bills by an impact study is adopted

Yesterday in the Senate, a motion urging the government to accompany all government bills by a social and economical impact study on regions and minorities was adopted. This motion was presented by Senator Ringuette on April 27, 2006.


“I feel that it is essential and wise for the Senate to urge the government to accompany all government bills with a social and economic impact study in order to anticipate the repercussions of these bills on regions and minorities” said Senator Ringuette. 


“This way, the Senate will be equipped to meet its constitutional obligations and play its historic and conventional role of representation and protection of minorities and regions.” added Senator Ringuette.” reiterated Senator Ringuette.        


“The government already conducts these studies. The purpose of this motion is therefore to ensure that the legislative branch has access to impact studies prepared by the executive branch. Providing these studies to senators would not require more time or money.  In most western democracies, it is frequent practice for governments to produce an impact assessment which is published alongside the draft Bill that is being tabled. This measure aims at assessing the impact of the measures to be included in the bill and usually identifies the costs and benefits associated with the governments preferred implementing options. I believe that such steps ought to have been taken decades ago.” said Senator Ringuette.