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News Release

Senator Pierrette Ringuette welcomes the Honourable Lucienne Robillard’s appointment as Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.


“I am encouraged by her recent remarks giving priority to correcting the flaws in the employment insurance plan for seasonal workers over calling for an in-depth reform,” said Senator Ringuette. 


“Seasonal workers are in a precarious situation. We do not have time to unnecessarily overhaul the employment insurance plan when the problem can be solved quickly and effectively. We just need to fix a weak link in the chain, not the entire chain itself.”


Senator Ringuette asked to meet with Ms. Robillard to discuss the recommendations in her dissenting report submitted to the Prime Minister on December 13 in an effort to resolve the problems relating to employment insurance and seasonal workers. 


Moreover, Senator Ringuette intends to take advantage of the national Liberal caucus in Fredericton on January 25–27 to reiterate to the Prime Minister the 25 recommendations contained in her report.


According to Senator Ringuette, “the 25 recommendations are a plan of action to put seasonal workers, seasonal industries and rural communities back on solid ground.”