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Senator Pierrette Ringuette Deplores New Brunswick Finance Minister’s Comments Likening Money for Child Care to Money for Roads

In speaking on the issue of child care in New Brunswick, Senator Ringuette deplored comments made by New Brunswick Finance Minister Jeannot Volpé, who likened money for child care to money for roads.


“It is deplorable that the Conservative government puts New Brunswick's children and teachers on an equal footing with roads. By refusing the $119 million in federal dollars for child care in New Brunswick, the Conservative government is showing that the early childhood issue is not its priority,” said Senator Ringuette.


The political situation in Ottawa should encourage the New Brunswick government to accept the money for child care. Mr. Lord should not wait for the Conservatives to take power in Ottawa because neither they nor their provincial counterparts put priority on the viability of a truly universally accessible early childhood care program.


Senator Ringuette firmly believes that children in New Brunswick should enjoy the same benefits as children in other provinces when it comes to federal grants.