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Senator Pierrette Ringuette Presents a Motion to have all Government bills Accompanied by a Social and Economical Impact Study on Regions and Minorities

Yesterday in the Senate, Senator Ringuette presented a motion urging the government to accompany all government bills by a social and economical impact study on regions and minorities in accordance to the Senate’s role of representation and protection of minorities and regions.


Senator Ringuette believes that senators should have access to governmental studies in order to be aware not only of government objectives but primarily of the potential impact of a proposed bill. Consequently, it will be possible in the event of negative effects, to propose constructive measures in order to limit the harmful effects.


“In the process of policy development, it is common practice for each department in government to attempt to measure the impact of these policies not only on the population as a whole but on the regions and minorities in particular. Studies that anticipate the repercussions of policies and legislation already exist.” said Senator Ringuette. 


The Senator added that “the Senate has an historical and constitutional obligation to fulfill its role of representing and protecting minorities and the regions and the government should comply in helping us fulfilling our obligation.”