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Senator Pierrette Ringuette introduces motion to examine the use of temporary staffing agencies to fill Public Service jobs.

 OTTAWA – Yesterday, Senator Pierrette Ringuette introduced a motion that will enable the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance to look at the use of temporary staffing agencies to fill Public Service jobs.


 “Approximately $300 Million dollars of taxpayers’ money is being spent every year to staff Public service positions through temporary staffing agencies. In using these agencies, the Public Service may be avoiding the rules legislated in the Public Service Employment Act and the Public Service Modernization Act, including those regarding geography, official languages, and merit,” noted Senator Ringuette. “These rules were put in place to ensure the Public Service has fair hiring practices that serve the needs of, and are accountable to, Canadians. “


In addition to investigating the possible circumvention of hiring rules, the motion proposes that the committee examine the impact of using temporary staffing agencies has on the ability of the Public Service to provide quality services to Canadians and the cost of the use of these services on Public Service employees.


Senator Ringuette is urging her fellow Senators to support this motion, saying that “as representatives of the Canadian public, it is the Senate’s duty to ensure that the rules are not being bent and that taxpayers’ money is being spent properly and efficiently”


The full text of the motion is attached.




For Additional Information:


Tim Rosenburgh

Office of Senator Pierrette Ringuette

(613) 943-3645

June 10, 2010



Notice of Motion to Authorize Committee to Study Government's Use of Temporary Staffing Agencies to Fill Public Service Jobs


Hon. Pierrette Ringuette: Honourable senators, I give notice that, at the next sitting of the Senate, I will move:

That the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance be authorized to examine and report on the use by the Government of Canada of temporary staffing agencies to fill Public Service jobs;

That, in conducting such study, the committee take particular note of:


  • The approximate $300 million annually that is charged to the Canadian taxpayer by agencies to staff Public Service positions;
  • Whether the use of such agencies has allowed the circumvention of geographic, linguistic and merit rules in the hiring process;
  • The cost to public service employees for the use of services provided by temporary staffing agencies;
  • Its impact on the ability of a sound, stable Public Service to provide services to Canadians; and


That the committee submit its final report to the Senate no later than December 31, 2010, and that the committee retain all powers necessary to publicize its findings for 180 days after the tabling of the final report.