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Statement: Catering to the United States

Honourable senators, it seems that Canada has a new booming business in the international catering industry. Since its inception, it has generated billions of dollars to the U.S. economy.

Honourable senators, this new catering business is named "Harper's U.S.A. Catering," and was created by the Prime Minister at a first meeting in Mexico: catering to the U.S.A in agreeing to the border ID card that will cost billions of dollars to the Canadian economy and cause a decrease in traffic for our tourism industry, in addition to our retail industry; catering to the U.S.A. in agreeing to forego the free trade agreement; catering to the U.S.A. in agreeing to funding from our Canadian forest industry of over $1 billion to the U.S. forest industry to do research and development and to devise a market strategy so that the U.S. forest industry can more aggressively compete against us in the global market; and catering to the U.S. in agreeing to a renewed and expanded NORAD without consulting Canadians and parliamentarians.

Unfortunately, this Harper's U.S.A. catering business has reduced job creation and economic development in Canada. Billions of dollars of the Canadian economy have been sacrificed to create this new and fast-growing Harper U.S.A. catering business, and all of that with just one meeting.

God bless Canada. If there is one more meeting, as for me, I say, "Vive le Canada!"