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Statement: Mr. Jean Pednault

Honourable senators, I want to mark the 15-year transplant anniversary of a personal friend and individual who is well-loved and respected throughout the Madawaska area. On October 17, our favourite journalist, Jean Pednault, will celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of his heart transplant in Ottawa. Fifteen years ago, many people were praying for our friend as he waited for his new heart.

As the saying goes: one man's joy is another man's sorrow. A 24-year-old Toronto man lost his life in an accident, but gave life back to our friend in a true scientific and medical miracle. I want to take this opportunity to encourage all Canadians to sign their donor card.

Our brave Jean Pednault, a native of beautiful Quebec City, has been a proud Madawaskan and a Brayon by choice for the past 34 years. Being a journalist has allowed him to get to know and understand the locals and their daily lives, which have been the subject of his numerous articles and editorials. He has always shown great interest in the political issues of all parties and levels of government, without revealing his own preferences. As a Liberal, I consider him to be a Liberal too, although others say he is apolitical. One thing is certain: this journalist has always known the difference between politics and pure and simple partisanship.

In closing, I want to join Jean, who is in Ottawa today for his annual medical checkup, his wife Ruth, his children, grandchildren and all the inhabitants of the Madawaska, in celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of his heart transplant. I wish him many more years with those he loves with all his heart.