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Window of Opportunity to Bring Henk Tepper Home

For Immediate Release:


December 13, 2011


Window of Opportunity to Bring Henk Tepper Home


Beirut – Lawyer Jim Mockler visited with Henk Tepper in jail today, accompanied by Senators Pierrette Ringuette and Mac Harb. They have met with Lebanese Minister of Justice Shakib Qortbawi, who is responsible for the file, and he has indicated that it is up to the Government of Canada to simply request his return to Canada.


"As Mr. Tepper’s legal counsel, it is my opinion that a request from the Government of Canada, his home country, takes precedent over any other state request," said Jim Mockler.


“Furthermore, it is critical that the Government of Canada request be executed immediately in order for Henk Tepper to attend to his business affairs in Canada before December 16th.”





For Additional Information:


Tim Rosenburgh

Office of Senator Pierrette Ringuette

(613) 943-3645